Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday at the farm...

Caitlin, digging through the cupboards

We spent Saturday working the farm festival and afterwards went camping. I don't think the day could have been more perfect. The weather was a balmy 80 degrees, but there was a cool breeze that kept us comfortable. A Goldilocks day - not too hot, and not too cold! We had the Biscuit Brother's out, other musicians & dancers, a theatrical show, and hayride. Everyone said they had a great time.

Josh, collecting wood for the parlor

Discovered a bird's nest in one of the bedroom's of the homestead.

In the loft, overlooking the parlor.

Upon discovering the bird's nest, another volunteer and I chatted about how bird's build nests in unique spots. She then went on to explain that she had a friend who had trouble decorating with door wreath's as birds kept building nests on her door. This brought to mind my own incident with BIRDS and FRONT DOORS! I had thought that only MY birds in the neighborhood were bird brained, but obviously not. You can read about this on a prior post here...

As usual, the fishing was incredible! Uncle Mike caught the biggest Bass in his life with a CANE POLE. Broke the cane pole in half. (He had to fish with a cane pole to keep the festival, era appropriate.)

Of course, can't knock those cane poles, or "toy" poles for that matter --- a 4-year-old near the Gulf Coast had caught a 50-lb fish with her Barbie fishing pole.

While shopping for new fishing tackle, I looked at those Barbie poles with fresh eyes when selecting one for my daughter.

Uncle Mike broke his own record again, by catching the largest Bass with a lure!

Stay tuned, Alan's on vacation, so we're headed for Longhorn Caverns in the morning -weather willing!

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Anonymous said...

Looked like fun and hope today is also warm and not hot so you can enjoy your cavern exploring.