Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it summer already?

Today is a sweltering 98 degrees! The curse of having a potted veggie garden--everything is thirsty all the time! If I skip a day, the leaves are wilted. Probably due to the Texas heat. It's very unforgiving. The pool has been evaporating too (current pool temp 82 degrees.)

Whether I like it or not, I'll have to drag the hose this afternoon and fill it back up. I didn't realize how low our water got until I turned on the pump and the pool started choking (for lack of water in the filter.)

The Malabar spinach is finally leafing up! I was beginning to wonder there for awhile.
Tomatoes are blooming like crazy...
So far, three large tomatoes in the other pot (don't ask me which variety, as I forgot.) Umm, I just realized I said a rhyme...
Lots and lots of chili and jalapeno peppers! (We like these chopped up on sardines and crackers -eaten outdoors of course!)

Bell Peppers! I hope I grow a bunch. They are expensive in the grocery stores! (practically cost as much as meat.) Have you seen the prices of carrots???!

Cucumbers are hanging in there. No sign of fruit yet. I still haven't planted the rest of my seeds. How is everyone else's garden doing?


Posh And Trendy said...

My spinach still looks the same.. zucchini has grown a bit more but tomatoes hasn't which I can't believe because normally I have my first ripe tomatoes by the first of July.. at the rate their going this year I'll be lucky to have them before winter.

Patty said...

I guess you’re a poet and didn’t know it! Ha ha ha.

Jedson said...

Hope they don't wilt to fast in this heat, It was hot Today!