Wednesday, February 27, 2008

KNOCK, KNOCK ((Who's there??))

Early in the mornings, I've been hearing a strange knock at the door. Even the cat sits at the door staring. Each time I open the door, nobody is there. This has been going on for the longest time!

This morning I heard the knocking again... and again...

I crept up to the door, and ever so slowly turned the lock. Satisfied that the door was unlocked, I quickly yanked open the door. Suddenly a bird flew from my door wreath. Another bird (the mate?) lurked by and scolded me.

I realized that all that knocking was due to the birds building a nest! If you look at the upper left-hand side of my wreath you can spot the nest!

What a BIRD BRAINED idea to build a nest on my door! Of course, I feel silly too for not noticing it earlier -- not to mention, this explains WHY I kept getting these strange leaves and twigs everywhere each time I opened my door! I kept telling everyone to WIPE YOUR FEET!!

Geesh, I wonder if those silly birds would have layed their eggs. Would have been a matter of time before those eggs had fallen.

Our trees are budding green, and flowers everywhere are peeking their heads. Spring is in the air!

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posh said...

How cute of the birds.. but then I know its not a good idea to have them there with the door swinging back and forth but you can't blame them for liking someplace pretty to build a nest :)