Saturday, November 29, 2008

Homestead Heritage

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend at Homestead Heritage. This is a non-denominational Christian homeschooling community (about 300 families) that lives on and farms over 500 acres north of Waco. EVERYTHING is homegrown, homemade, homeraised, and made on site -- This community reminds me of the Amish.

The homeschooled kids played in an orchestra, sang, and participated throughout the festivities.

ALL the food is grown from organic and heirloom seeds. No preservatives, no food colors, everything 100% natural. The only thing I saw they had shipped in, was the natural cola's. This community bakes their own breads, weaves their own baskets, yarn, leather, woodworking, blacksmith, candlemaking, soap making, butter, cheese, canning, grinding wheat and corn, pottery, bee keeping, farming, furniture making, barn raising -- you name it.

Lots of samples to try -- porridge, cookies, breads, cheese, fresh pasta...

The food is PHENOMENAL! Creamy homemade ice cream, with homemade cones. Fresh beef and poultry, raised on wholesome grains. Homegrown rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, popcorn...

The kettle corn melted in our mouths and the hot cider was out of this world.

We watched live music, took a horse drawn hayride to the look-out, visited the petting zoo...

These pictures are in no special order, but will give you an idea of the activities the community had provided. I was very impressed with their skills. This festivity is only offered to the public around Thanksgiving, but they offer year-round classes on homesteading.