Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicks in the City

CORRECTION - Chicks in the kitchen!

We're back to raising chickens again! I was half hoping my sister would talk me out of it, but when she told me this morning, "Go ahead and get some, you'll be glad you did!" I was secretly happy.

So this time we got 4. Remember, last time we got 6 chicks and raised them successfully. The only problem we had was one of our hen's turned out being a rooster. It wasn't very pleasant listening to the cockadoodle-dooo's early each morning. I actually love the sound of a rooster, but I wasn't too sure about our neighbors--not to mention, roosters aren't allowed in city limits.

Before we left the country on our last trip, we had sadly given all our laying hens/rooster away. Over the months, we had missed collecting eggs and giving them table scraps.

We're keeping the chicks in the kitchen till they're old enough to go outdoors. Thankfully I had kept the old chicken coop and supplies!