Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Coop

Life has returned back to normal at our house. Now I'm focusing on gardening.

Our old chicken coop has been turned into the garden. For years, this side of the house was never used. Just a real pain to keep mowed. Mainly, out of sight, out of mind. It became overgrown with weeds too uncontrollable. After the chickens moved in, they took care of everything. Now that the ground has been tamed and fertilized, I'm looking at this plot of land with new eyes. The chicken wire has served perfectly to make an enclosed garden plot.

I have several garden pots growing in the front yard. Tomatoes, Bell peppers, Zuchinni, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Jalapeno, and Serrano. After this morning's incident with the bird I'm transferring everything to the garden coop.

Last week I planted two watermelon's and two cantaloupes. I was shocked that in less than half an hour my plants were dugged up and tossed across the yard. Sometimes I'd like to take a hidden camera and see what exactly is going on. Those nasty little critters! I'm so glad my dog likes to chase squirrels.
So far so good, with everything covered under wire. I had to sit out some bowls of beer for the slugs. They all slid in, and drank themselves to death. Not a very pretty sight! Won't try that anymore either. It works, but guess who has to haul them off?

My neighbor was tearing down a playscape in his backyard. I asked him for the wood. I'm sure my husband was thinking I was junking things up with all that wood we had piled to the side of the house. Well, look what I did... Raised garden beds! The boards couldn't have been more perfect. No nails used either. I sawed wooden "pins" to hammer the boards into place, then filled each box with fresh potting soil. I sawed the playscape ladder in half to use as a trellis for my greenbeans. I plan to make enough raised beds to line the entire length of fence where it can get lots of sunshine. The melons will get to roam the rest of the coop.
The garden bed is enclosed in a plastic green fence that is easily moved to the side. I was worried the squirrels would dig everything up. Do you think they will climb down the side of the wooden fence and still get to them? Should I cover the top of the fence too? I'm hoping this works. Now off to the store I go for some organic pesticide.