Friday, May 23, 2008

Time Travel - 1800's

Well, as most of you know, I work the farm on Friday's. We had more than 300 visitors. All I can say is that today was another beautiful sunny day, but HOT. Camp Mabry said we hit 100 degrees with a 104 heat index.
What does one do when there's no air conditioning in the 1800's?

Head for the porch!

I found an old book in the parlor, smoothed out my apron, and planted myself in the rocking chair. The breeze took care of the rest...
The book I read today is called, Portraits and Principles - written in the 1890's by several authors... What a gem!
Book preface: Life to each of us is an ever-changing panorama. The sights of yesterday are old, the scenes of today are swiftly passing, and the pictures of tomorrow will be new.
I have always been fascinated by very old books. The writer's who've passed on, remain alive within the pages. As I was reading this book today, the author mentioned the difference between good books, statuesque books (for appearances) and books that BREATHE. I would have to agree that there IS a difference!

When I was managing a writer's forum several years ago, I had to read hundreds of short story submissions for our contests. We had people from all backgrounds participating - housewives, policemen, military, lawyers, teachers, etc.

The stories that touched us the most were heartfelt. We weren't impressed with big words, fancy rhetoric or eloquent stories, but rather down-to-earth, sit at my table and here -- have a cup of coffee and would you like some sugar with that?

This is what the book, Portraits and Principles was getting at. Deep, heartfelt and honest writing from each author about life's experiences and how to live a decent and honest life.

Many of the topics touched were:

Working hard
Common sense
Mother's role
Keeping your word
What is success
Saving money
Idle hands

It is really miraculous if you think about it. Opening a book and discovering that it BREATHES.

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