Friday, February 16, 2018


Photocopies of the owners manual for the hand crank Jones Family C.S. sewing machine.
Serial #357221


More pictures of my hand crank HERE 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

HAND CRANK SEWING MACHINE - no electricity needed!

 Jones Family C.S. Hand Crank serial #357221
Do you like to sew and not be plugged to the grid?

I'm impressed with this workhorse! She was born in 1924 and built like a tank! Cast Iron, well-designed and sews like a champion.

It didn't take long to pick up speed running the hand crank with one hand, and guiding the stitches with the other. A nice soft clickety-click-click rhythm that is strangely comforting and rewarding.

Even though this machine comes with a wooden box top for storage, she's too pretty to stash away, so I don't.

Fortunately she came with a lot of supplies - spare bobbins, needles, and some accessories.  When I originally begain shopping for one of these machines, I was looking at models on Ebay and Etsy. There were plenty to choose from, but I didn't want to risk damage through shipping.  Thankfully, I found a local woman selling hers, and she patted the machine fondly to say goodbye while I gladly handed her the money.

 Handy built-in slide box for storage. 

Room for storage underneath and the owners manual! The book is almost 100 years old, so you can imagine how it is barely holding together.  I'll post copies of this for preservation. 

I am very impressed on how smooth this machine sews leather! Once the wheel is spinning, it is like clickety-click, click, clicking over butter.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my electric machines, I own 6 of them, and I can honestly say if I had to get rid of them all but two... the hand crank would be one of the keepers. 

This particular model has the ability to go into reverse, which is perfect for reinforcing stitches. The only thing she can't do is sew in zigzag. 

If you're thinking about buying an antique hand crank sewing machine, especially a Jones, here's a wonderful website that goes over the history. I'll try to get a video out soon on how well she runs, or I should say, how easy it is for us to run, as we're the manpower ;)

                       More info/history on the Jones machine  HERE

Photocopies of the owners manual HERE 

Sunday, January 7, 2018


A quick review for  Appleton farms precooked bacon. The package cost less than $3 bucks from a nearby Aldi's store. 

Comparing these ingredients from a package of refrigerated bacon (another brand) from my fridge, they are identical!

Huge bonus - long shelf life and no refrigeration needed. To be honest, if the shelf life was less than a month, I wouldn't have been interested in this product.  

2 layers of bacon on wax paper, with 6 slices per section. 

These are precooked, but we wanted to pan fry (heat up) to test the amount of fat (for frying eggs) and to compare with raw pan fried bacon. 

For taste and texture, from 1-10 this bacon is a 7 or 8 and we (self and spouse) would purchase this again for our food storage. This bacon is similar in taste/texture to restaurant dining - thin and crisp.

Due to the success of this pre-cooked bacon, I plan to keep an eye out for other brands that don't require refrigeration.

We've started a tradition whenever we fry bacon in our home -- 3 pairs of hungry eyes wait in anticipation, so our dogs enjoy bacon each time we dine, and for this review, no exceptions were made! 

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