Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thy Garden Groweth Over

Now that my vacation is over, it is time to focus on my home. My garden needed desperate weeding! With caution, I pulled, and pulled, and pulled. I half expected to grab the tail of a snake.
Many of my melons and cantaloupes were buried under grass.

Does this look like work, or what?

This past week, I added more veggies to pots. I planted several varieties of beans, corn, squash, and more okra.
I figured it would take 2 days to weed my garden. I filled basket, after basket, after basket with weeds and grass...

Surprisingly, it only took 2 hours!

Look how nice it looks, and no snakes!

My Mediterranean melons are thriving!

Some of my bounty...

My beautiful French Brocade Marigold's.

Would you like some Marigold seeds? These are certified Organic. Grow your flowers and save your seeds forever. From my garden to yours. Send me an email and I'll mail them to you for free, or if you live in the area, swing on by!

Turning your Oranges into Lemons!

There is nothing more refreshing than a sweet cold orange on a hot summer day. But what does one do when that bag of oranges turns out to be too sour? Turn them into lemons!

The next time your bag is sour, slice and freeze for that cool glass of water, or serve with sun tea!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Progress

I'm currently on a roadtrip and finally getting around to uploading my photo's from a hotel room. I wanted to do a quick update on my garden to show its progress and really hoping it's in good shape when I return within a week. The day before we left, I did some moderate weeding, staked my tomatoes, and inspected my squash, melon's, peppers, cucumbers, and greenbeans. Okra seems to be reviving, tomatoes are blooming, and my Zucchini seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I win some and lose some.

This week I also planted some non hybrid Granny Zinnia's, figs, and Black eyed Susans.
Hoping for more rain while I'm gone.

Serious weeding needed in the melon patch, but I ran out of time.