Monday, April 28, 2008


Yes, we finally went GREEN. No, not the tree hugging, whale saving, ozone worshipping "green", but the, I'm-tired-of-breaking-my-back-to-start-my-mower-and-choking-on-fumes-and-flying-rocks, type of GREEN!

Right from the beginning my husband was skeptical. After all, we used to own a Sears model back when we lived in Lubbock. I think we paid around $89 for it. From what I recall, we didn't have much of a lawn to practice on. We ended up having to sell our push mower in a yardsale when we packed up to move to Austin.

THIS time I was sure we'd love a nice, quiet PUSH MOWER, on our beautiful soft green lawn. No more hauling the gas can around, taking breaks in-between pulling the string to start the mower (sometimes it would take about 50 tries)...

I hated and dreaded mowing our yard. I even hate it when our neighbors mow THEIR yards. Especially when I'm in the pool, or trying to relax while listening to the birds...

So, I went online and researched PUSH MOWERS on --- I was impressed with the 260+ reviews for the Scotts 20-Inch Push Reel Mower. On top of that, FREE shipping.

I researched other mowers and kept coming back to Amazon. I couldn't deny that the excellent reviews were too hard to ignore, not to mention, the price wasn't bad at all. $119.00 and free shipping.

I finally decided I had nothing to lose except a flying rock, some gas fumes and bicep exercise (from starting the gas mower.) So, I purchased the Scotts 20-inch Push Reel Mower exactly one week ago.

TODAY, it arrived by UPS at my door. All I had to do was attach the handles (which was a no brainer.) Yes, I do have a brain, but I didn't have to use it for the handle. (The few people who didn't leave a 5-star on the reviews complained the handle was too hard to put together.)

In comparison to our gas mower, the REEL MOWER did an awesome job, if not better! No more flying debris, no more noise, and no more gas fumes! Just a quiet clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety as we pushed the mower over the blades of grass, leaving a path of freshly cut grass in it's wake. BEST OF ALL, my 10-year-old daughter wanted to mow!!! (Can life get any better than THAT?)

The reviews pointed out that NEIGHBORS might curiously appear out of nowhere.

They were correct. My neighbor across the street walked over and said, "Oh WOW..." She was impressed with our new mower.

Our other neighbor gave me a thumbs up and smiled. I then realized he was deaf...

What did he notice different about our mower, since he couldn't hear loud lawn mowers to begin with?

Maybe he didn't notice our "mower" --- but rather he noticed we were SMILING while we were mowing! That WOULD seem strange...

SMILING and MOWING -- normally these two things don't happen together.

Either way, I like the idea of tackling the yard on a crisp summer morning, while it is yet still cool and the neighbors are fast asleep... Walking over the grass barefoot, with coffee in one hand and the mower in the other --- clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety... Okay, maybe I'm stretching it with drinking coffee while pushing the mower, but you get the point.

Either way, if you decide to go GREEN, I give this REEL MOWER a hearty GREEN THUMBS UP!


Posh said...

Thanks for the pic and rewiew.. you're temptimg me. I haven't asked the boss man yet what he would think about it but I'm sure he would still want to use the "stinky & noisy" one because its a "man" thing. but then it would probably turn out like the electric weed eater that I bought and he said he wouldn't use... but guess who now uses the electric one because is doesn't have to be pulled and yanked on to start? :)

Eamon said...

Good on you. You are helping the environment: both carbon and noise ..