Friday, April 18, 2008

Country Popcorn!

Wanting a popcorn popper for camping trips, I went on eBay and bid on an antique basket popcorn popper. The bid started at .99 cents but I won highest bid at $5.50 - which isn't bad at all! I was looking at newer models and they were running near $45!

I got to try out my new popper at the farm today. I was originally going to cook outdoors, but since it was windy, I decided to take the popping indoors. I settled for the parlour fireplace at the homestead.

The girls and I collected some logs and searched for kindling to get the fire started.

Then I poured about 1/3 a cup of popcorn kernels into the basket.

After cooking about 10 baskets of popcorn, this is what I learned: Even though the fire was roaring and (((hot))) it really wasn't enough to get the kernels to pop. When it REALLY started popping was when I allowed the flames to lick at the basket, then (((POP))) (((POP))) (((POP))) they went! We didn't hold the basket in the fire, but held it just at the surface of the flames.

Occasionally some of the popcorn got scorched, but as we neared our 10th round, and full of practice, the basket was bulging with fluffy white popcorn!

The popcorn was very delicious and a big hit with our visitors that came to the farm. Some of the school kids were asking if popcorn was invented back in the 1800's. I had to patiently explain that popcorn's been around for thousands of years. In fact, the colonists used to eat it for breakfast with sugar and cream!

I think I'll try that with company one of these days. Who wants to come visit me and have popcorn for breakfast?? =)

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Posh And Trendy said...

I'd eat it.. in fact I've even tried it that way.. not bad at all. Isn't any worse then eating corn bread with milk and sugar.. that was your grandfather Groat's favorite dessert.