Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cheeseburger Quesadilla

Okay, so you haven't lived until you've tried the CHEESEBURGER QUESADILLA!

Wow, what a burger! I plan to try many more recipes with flour tortillas. With the price of bread going up, tortillas really ARE the economical way to go!

For example, a loaf of wheat bread at Walmart's (the cheapest of the cheapest) costs:

Wheat bread - $1.27 for 24 slices (a few months ago, it was less than a dollar a loaf!)

5-lb bag of flour - $1.76 which can yield about 60 homemade tortillas.

Shape your burger patties into thin oval shapes, fry, and drain oil.

Butter up that iron skillet!

Top burger with your favorite toppings. In my case, I used grated cheese, burger, more cheese, Picante sauce, and chopped onions.

Fold tortilla over and grill on both sides. YUMMY, crunchy, and not soggy!

Serve with homemade fries or some nachos and cheese. (Mexican confetti Bonbolin marshmallow cookies pictured. First time we tried them!)


Posh said...

Yummy!! I've always loved flat bread sandwiches whether its made on tortilla or pita bread.

Julie Kenner said...

just wanted to say "hi" from a new ASG member and homeschooling mom. (And that looks REALLY yummy!)