Monday, August 25, 2014


 The fifth item I've come up with is a DOLL.

I found this antique doll set (ceramic?) at a thrift store. It reminded me of the dolls my grandmother used to sew.

Using the tiny scraps, I sewed the limbs and took the tiniest of the scraps and broke them down into smaller pieces with the scissors. This would serve as stuffing for the doll, and a great way to use up scraps that were too small to sew into anything.

Arms are made, and the chest of the doll and wrapping things up with the legs.

Doll is complete, and now I'm making her a pioneer dress.

This lovely red contrast fabric came from one of the cuffs. You can tell where the crease is, so I had to take the iron to it to smooth it out.

Dress is made, and using the blue contrast fabric (from the button side of front shirt), I trimmed the bottom of the gown to give it some length and to add more style.
The dress now has an apron that ties from the back.

Cutting out the brim for the bonnet from the doubled stitched neckline of shirt. I won't have to hem the front of bonnet.
 Bonnet is made, and I added a blue bow on the hat for decoration.
Doll is complete! Of course, if you were to create a doll, you could use a solid color to easily make the arms, legs, and head of doll, but for this challenge, I am only using needle and thread and just the supplies from the shirt. 100% hand sewn and an example of how a shirt can easily be recycled into so many things.

Just to give you an idea on how tiny the doll is, she's resting against my collection of threads.

Okay, I'm thinking I may be able to wrap up this challenge with ONE more item...


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