Friday, August 15, 2014


DAY 3 has brought us the water bottle holder.

This is actually something I've been wanting to make for myself but had never gotten around to it. This would be perfect for those walks when you don't want to carry a bulky purse.  I designed this with a long enough handle that this can be swung over the shoulder or crisscrossed across the chest.

Handy, lightweight and convenient for carrying a bottled water, car keys, cellphone, ID,  and cash...

The shirt already had the pocket, which was perfect.

 I measured with the water bottle to make sure the length and width would be large enough.

 After cutting the bag into a square, I double and tripled stitched the sides and bottom to reinforce, and to ensure the bag would be heavy duty for a heavy bottle. I also hemmed an opening in the top part, as there would be a drawstring inserted.
 From the scrap sides of the shirt, I cut the strips for the bag handle. I took care to leave the double stitched seams (shaped like a Y) intact, as I'll be needing this for another project.

These 4 strips of fabric will be sewn into one long strip, then folded, sewed, and turned right side out. I also double stitched this for reinforcement.

The bag is now complete, and the drawstring has been inserted, and both ends knotted.

Bottle fits perfectly, and now the bag is ready for the handle.

Bag is finished. Large enough to carry a large personalized water bottle.

 I used two buttons from the shirt to decorate each side of the handle, and to also add reinforcement.

This completes DAY THREE of Project Recycle. As you can see, this is the remainder of the scraps.

Again, I am 100% hand sewing this item, using only thread. No supplies of any kind have been added to these projects. This is a tutorial to show that anyone can recycle, and that ideas are a dime a dozen.

My goal is to not have a single piece of scrap leftover when I'm done. You'll see in a few days how easy (or hard) this can be done.

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