Friday, March 8, 2013

Worm Farm

Last year I started a worm farm by converting a plastic storage box. To ensure that the worms could breathe with a closed lid, I drilled holes at the top on each side, and another hole at the very bottom in the center.
I had been reading a lot about compost tea, and wanted to collect the drainage from the bin.

For worms, I ordered 1000 worms online from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm ( The reviews were excellent, and delivery was prompt. I added them to the bin and wondered within the first month or so, if many had possibly escaped. I couldn't find but a handful at first.  
I was also concerned that maybe the red wigglers didn't like the Texas heat very much. The worm farm was enduring sweltering 100 degree days, in the shade beside the house.
 Fortunately, over the winter, I noticed that the worm farm had doubled if not tripled in population.
 This spring, I'll be experimenting more with compost tea, and using the worm castings to boost my garden. If you are by any chance making your own compost tea, and have had success, please drop me a line!

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