Monday, July 4, 2016

DAY 9 - Dust Storm and Dismay

I borrowed this photo from a friend at the hostel. Maybe we'll think twice before we build that next sandcastle!

It was no use. I couldn't sleep and I failed to smother my cough. I was doomed to keep everyone awake.

Grabbing my bible, a booklight, and my fleece blanket, I headed for the armchair outdoors.

There were people scattered about in sleeping bags, and I felt sorry for them. It was after midnight and the gate was locked. I had no where to go. The wind was increasing in strength, rattling objects, and flapping over rugs. It was in the wee hours of the morning and I headed back to my room.
Before the sun peered over the mountain, I was back outside again. I knew we'd have to cancel our bus trip and I wondered about my reservations. We had bus tickets, but I was reassured that they were still good. We just needed to go to the bus station to let them know we were rescheduling our trip.

We were obviously having a dust storm and I dreaded the walk to the park. It was important that I contact the hostel in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, it was too late to give them a 24 hour notice, so I expected to be charged for the day.

I also realized that I had no reservations to remain at the shelter we were at. We had expected to leave that day. I walked into the office and tried my best to explain the situation. I could barely squeak out the words. John, the owner, came to my rescue and offered to call the hostel in Jerusalem for me with his cellphone. After locating their number, he dialed and explained the situation. Then he handed me the phone.
I strained and squeaked into the phone that I wanted to CANCEL all 3 days we had reserved as I wasn't sure I'd be well for travel. They were very understanding and didn't charge me for the cancellation. I figured I sounded so pathetic over the phone, they didn't have the heart to make me pay!

I asked our hostel if there were any private rooms available that night to rent, as I needed to sleep without disturbing anyone. Thankfully they had a room available!

We moved our things from the dorm into our new room.
What a good sport Pamela was as I napped and rested. Thankfully she had movies that we had downloaded for the trip, and was content to hang around the hostel.
We walked to the store later and I treated Pamela to whatever she wanted. We selected fresh fruit, yogurt, ice cream, chips, and some nail polish.
The Mennonite girls were leaving for Jerusalem and we watched them pack. They were so much fun to talk to and we would miss them.
Sadly, another family was leaving as well. Earlier we had befriended a woman with 6 kids from New Zealand. Two of her daughter's were Pamela's age.

As the day wore on, I was feeling amazingly better. Other than the nagging cough, the chest cold was letting up. This was highly unusual as normally I'd be sick for a week.
In fact, I felt good enough to brave the dust storm, to renew our bus tickets! Tomorrow, we had high hopes for Jerusalem!

Since I wasn't feeling well, it was the only day on our trip that I didn't take pictures! Here's a video clip of a cab ride we took in Cairo. Thought I'd share.

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