Monday, July 4, 2016

DAY 12 - Eilat, Israel - Home away from Home!

We checked out of the Citadel hostel early that morning. We were going to catch a city bus to the Egg-ed bus station to catch bus 444 back to Eilat.

After watching several wrong busses pass us by at the bus stop, I decided to hail a cab.

For 70 shekels, our cab agreed to take us. After dragging our heavy backpacks around the bus stop, we sanked gratefully into the backseat of the cab.

At the bus station, I asked for the earliest bus possible. Thankfully we got the last 2 seats at the very back of the bus. With 45 minutes before departure, we bought a donut and some juice at the snackbar. Next to us a soldier sat with his girlfriend. I watched as he layed his machine gun on the table while they talked. I wondered if they were allowed to be so relaxed with their weapons like that. I made a mental note to ask the people back at Eilat about civilian gun laws in Israel.

Heading south...
Passing the dead sea again...

Very thankful for our assigned seats. I noticed throughout the middle east that busses were always crammed full. While in Cairo, people would be dangling from outside of the bus!

Splitting a burger at our rest stop.

We were looking forward to heading back to Eilat, although I was saddened to leave Jerusalem. I wish we could have explored further north, but we were missing a day (since I had been sick) and needed to get back on schedule. I felt anxious to be back before the Egyptian consulate closed early. In order to see an Egyptian consulate in Israel, I needed to either travel to Eilat, or Tel Aviv.

We would not be able to return to Egypt if I didn't have our approved visa's. There was a lot of pressure on me to make it back to Cairo in time so that we could catch our flights home!

While on the bus, we met another Texan! Darlene said she was from Dallas, and was headed to the same place we were going to. The Shelter Hostel!

We walked to the hostel together from the bus station and I paid for Pamela and I to sleep in the dorm. We fortunately had the room to ourselves again, so we grabbed the bottom bunks.

Tired from the long drive, we rested at the hostel, did some laundry, and walked to the store. In the morning, we would see the Egyptian consulate.


Patty said...

I love the bus photo; people sitting on the floor! Would you have done that or would you have waited for another bus?

I still cannot get over the "fast food" available over there.

Anonymous said...

Inside the bus is very pretty.. so colorful.
I don't think our bus system would let people sit on the floor but I guess anything goes in some countries.