Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm tapping into my food storage to determine if I want to BUY MORE and to MAKE MORE dehydrated foods. The best way to make sure we're investing properly is to experiment.

I really feel it is unrealistic to buy food you don't normally cook, thinking it will help in a SHTF situation. This is why I try to focus on making the food NOW and seeing if our family likes it, not to mention, if it's easy and convenient to prepare during an emergency. No water. No electricity.

Yesterday, I did a review on the Augason Farms dehydrated scramble egg mix. The prices have gone up considerably on these mixes, so I'm trying to determine if I want to invest another $60 for two more cans. I also wanted to experiment with this mix and see how I could use it as a substitute for not having any eggs or milk in the house.

According to this mix, 2 tablespoons of powder is the equivalent of 1 egg. Just add equal amounts of water.

This is a pancake recipe that I normally use and I occasionally switch the flour. For example, I sometimes grind my own wheat flour, or I will use a store bought gluten free mix (Uncle Ben's) or just regular flour. EITHER works!

This recipe makes about 4 regular sized pancakes

For the conversion using the scrambled egg mix, I didn't need to add egg or milk, but I wanted to double on the powdered egg/milk as I'm adding WATER (instead of milk) and wanted to make sure there was a lot of flavor.

For this conversion, I used 4 heaping tablespoons of powdered egg mix, the flour, baking powder and salt, and the 1 cup of water (to replace milk)  That's it!

**I like my pancakes a wee bit runny (to make them thinner) and will just add a little extra water if needed. If I accidentally add too much water, I just add some extra flour.

Cook just like regular. I use a little oil in the iron skillet (This is something I don't skimp on when it comes to food storage - COOKING OIL! We need and use it in so many dishes!)

So far so good.

These pancakes are AMAZING. Rich, thick and definitely filling!

ONE MORE REASON to add the powdered scramble egg mix to the food storage.

**I will be doing a review in the near future on dehydrated butter.
**You can use honey or real maple syrup. I buy both.

Now I know that I can prepare another meal that didn't require refrigeration using ingredients that have a LONG TERM shelf life.

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