Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I went ahead and opened up a can of our Augason Farms dehydrated scrambled eggs as (unbelievably) we had ran out of eggs! Our hens are obviously taking a vacation, and lately this past month, I've been dragging my feet in going to the grocery store. But this is what "emergency food reserves" are for. Right?

Just wanted to mention quickly that I had checked online and the prices are going UP on these eggs. I don't remember the exact amount I paid for this batch (if you're doing a price comparison, feel free to contact me and ask for an exact amount) but I WILL be ordering more.

SIMPLE ingredients - milk and eggs. Just keep in mind, it's equal amounts of water. If you use 1 cup of dry egg powder, it's 1 cup of water added.

A good can opener is needed to open this #10 can. And what the eggs look like when settled in the can.

A soft fine powder and a pleasant smell.

Just add water.

With equal amounts of water, the batter has the consistency of pancake mix. I was thinking that in order to stretch the eggs, I may add some milk and other ingredients like potatoes, onions, salsa - especially if feeding a large group of people.

This is over 6 tablespoons of eggs. Not a whole lot, and won't feed an army.

Great texture. I added this to some bacon grease.

I fed this to my hungry husband.

We rated these eggs a (7) out of a possible 10.

All through the web, we've read reviews of people raving about these eggs. I agree that it is AMAZING to have these eggs and the ability to store them for long term. My can is dated as - BEST IF USED BY JUNE 2024. This is a 10 year shelf life.

My husband's exact words: "It tastes like powdered eggs, but during a SHTF situation, they are pretty good and a MUST HAVE!"

I agree. For food storage, the eggs are important. We plan to order more of these eggs to store away. Currently, these are SOLD OUT on the Walmart website, but I checked and there's a combo (2 can) sale for over $57 at SAMS Wholesale online - FREE SHIPPING.

I did check the Augason website and they are asking $30 for a can, and that's not including shipping.

It appears the best deal is to buy this from Sams online (if you have a membership.)

**While checking online at Amazons, pay close attention to the weight. I had almost jumped on a "deal" to buy these eggs and realized it was for 9 ounces! The full sized can is 2 pounds and 4 ounces.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Interesting. I never thought of dehydrating or using dehydrated eggs, but what a great idea!