Monday, August 16, 2010

Toiling for Melons!

I was forced to pick my melon early. Thankfully the Galian Israeli melons will continue RIPENING after being picked, unlike a watermelon. I also harvested a mini cantaloupe as well.

Obviously a very hungry and annoying creature likes my melon's too :(


The last of the Mohicans. Undecided on whether I should just go ahead and pick it now, or see if it can survive a few more days on the vine.
The cantaloupe.

One of the surviving melons.


Saving seeds! Non-hybrid (genetically tampered.)

After rinsed, the seeds will dry naturally in the greenhouse. Afterwards, they will be stored in a cool dry place.

This is what I'm battling. The garden seems to have reached the end of its first season. Growing (producing) has slowed down, if not completely stopped. My opinion is that it's the weather. The nights barely cool down, and we need rain. Lots and lots of it! Hoping for cooler weather!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having the same heat we are..
Too bad you don't have some wire bowls to cover your melons with to keep that hungry critter away. It could be squirrels or raccoons.. even turtles will munch on veggies.

Patty said...

Oh, how sickening! We have rabbits that like to eat in the garden. Last year I spotted a cute cotton tail sneaking into the garden early in the morning.

Mel said...

I'm kind of jealous you can even grow melons. Every year I try to grow watermelon, and every year the Montana summer is just too short and cool...I guess I should learn!