Saturday, August 7, 2010

Snake Beans!

I'm enthralled with the Asparagus - yardlong beans! They can grow 3 feet or more. Curious as to why these are growing faster than my other bean plants, I reread the seed packet and realized this bean variety LOVES sweltering hot weather.
Check out the bean on the right. It's too long for me to fit in the picture. I'm totally in love with this plant!

My cantaloupes have been battling the heat, but so far, I've spied two healthy melons.

My best plant so far is the Galia Israeli melons. I have several melons on the vine. You can see how they've changed since my last post. Once they turn yellow, they're ripe.

Bell Peppers are doing well.

This is the Fajita Bell variety. The red bell peppers are hotter than my Serrano, and Jalapeno peppers!

My onions are sprouting. This is the batch I had purchased from Whole Foods to grow my own. I have found it's sometimes cheaper to buy organic non-hybrid vegetables to cultivate my own seeds. This way not only do I get fresh vegetables out of the deal, but also more than enough seeds to save for years to come. The plant beside my onions to your left, I've forgotten what I planted. Don't you just hate that? I tend to do that a lot -- go nuts with the planting and forget where everything went.
My tomato plants are just plain not producing. I'm hoping that once things cool down, they will take off in the fall! This past week, I planted several pea plants, Malabar spinach, Kentucky pole beans, some more Zucchini, and for companion plants (to share pots with other veggies) I planted carrots and radishes.
Now if only it would RAIN!


The WoodLand School said...

I'm LOVING your garden!!! (And I'm thrilled that it's the beans that look like snakes ... I feared you had snakes *on* your beans!)

Helen Ruth said...

Haha, but I did think my Cantaloupe look suspiciously like a snake egg!

Patty said...

The garden is looking so good. I have given up on ours; with me being gone and it being so hot the weeds have taken over and everything is depressing. I did get some really good garden ideas for next year so I think I will be making some major changes in the future.
I so love how long your beans are; have you tried eating them yet?

Steve Finnell said...

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