Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WACKY Popcorn

I'm probably the biggest POPCORN FANATIC on this side of Texas. Just ask my friends... I'm the one who brings POPCORN to events. I've been known to skip dinner and just eat popcorn. I even went and bought those cute little popcorn bags.

Well, one day I was researching online for some popcorn recipes and I kept stumbling over this popcorn cookbook. The reviews were great! I placed it in my shopping cart on Amazon.com and technically forgot about it...

Then one day I was on Amazon and I purchased a garden book. I didn't realize until I got my confirmation email, that not only did I purchase the garden book, but I had also purchased the popcorn book! Say what? Ooops! I forgt to remove it from shopping cart when I checked out!

No biggie! I dug into the popcorn book expecting all kinds of cool recipes. What I didn't expect was stuff like, Bacon and popcorn, mushrooms and popcorn, tossed salads and salsa with popcorn...

Ummm... Okay.

I'll just take my popcorn salted with butter, thank you.

I did find a couple of recipes that had a normal dessert theme. I'll post the recipes later when I try them out (especially the birthday popcorn cake!)

For the moment, I want to talk about regular popcorn.

I've read a lot of discussions on WHICH types of oils are better for popping popcorn. I tried most of them. My most recent was the coconut oil.

To be honest, I've found that cheap VEGETABLE OIL works/tastes the best. Season with salt, or that ACTII popcorn salt (that you can buy at Sam's) and use REAL BUTTER.

Don't use margarine as it's really just water and it will shrink your popcorn! REAL BUTTER will magically soak into your popcorn and they'll taste light and fluffy! YUM!!!!

Here's a childhood popcorn horror story of mine. If you want, I'll wait until you finish popping your popcorn before you read.


I was staying the night with my friend Vena who lived in the country. We had built this clubhouse in a tree and decided to camp in it. That night, her parents took us to the drive-in movies.

We went to see the horror show, THE EXORCIST.

As you can imagine (for a young pre-teen mind) the show was DISTURBING. Needless to say, Vena and I chickened out when we got home. The moonlight shining over the darkened trail to her clubhouse didn't seem like a great idea. On top of that, we couldn't even sleep in her bed! (Have you seen the Exorcist?) Sooo, we dragged her mattress off her bed and took it to the livingroom. Afraid to turn off the lights, we decided to stay up all night watching TV.


We popped some popcorn. We melted two whole sticks of butter and it ooozed to the bottom of the bowl --- then we dug in. About an hour later, I was holding my stomach. Swirls and swirls of nausea swept over me. I swore that I would NEVER EVER eat popcorn again! Never!

The next morning I caught a mouse in her kitchen by its tail.


Jo said...

The boys love popcorn. They would eat their weight in it if I would let them.
I eat popcorn from the theatre anytime we go but not much at home.
Matt doesn't like popcorn at all. The taste or the smell. I don't think he is human :)

Anonymous said...

How can anyone not like the smell of popcorn? Matt must be from another world.
Kay Carman use to pop her corn in bacon grease.. I thought it was the best I'd ever ate and she also made the only sweet tea that I liked.
I love popcorn and agree that real butter must be used on it.
Is that birthday cake the one that you chop up the orange slice candies and put in it? Lois Ogle made one of them and I wasn't too impressed but you kids liked it.

Texas Mom said...

The popcorn birthday cake looks like a large round rice crispie treat drizzled with chocolate and birthday candles. I'll post a pic later for ya with recipe.