Sunday, July 20, 2008

Genetically Modified - food for thought

My book, Heirloom Vegetable Gardening - Master Gardeners Guide to Planting, Seed Saving and History was being held for me at the local library. I picked up the book Saturday and while downtown, my family decided to visit the Farmer's Market.

What better way to show our support for our local farmers than to patronize their fruit and vegetable stands - all grown LOCALLY!

Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I asked each vendor if their produce was open-pollintated, non-hybrid. I was really looking forward to bringing fresh veggies home to eat and to cultivate for my own garden.

Not one single farmer had a heirloom vegetable to offer. What's worse, I could tell the drought had taken its toll - many of the vegetables were stunted in growth. Disappointed, I did manage to purchase some red onions, red hot Serrano peppers, and two small cantaloupes for .50 cents apiece. I also purchased a large 64-oz bottle of locally harvested honey.

Okay, so what's all this talk about genetically modified foods, right? No big deal, you hear about it here and there on my blog, on the news, but can you really depend on FOX NEWS for the REAL SCOOP?

Look at it this way:

What if science offered you a pill that could rend you completely IMMUNE to any type of illness on this planet.. Would you be tempted to take a pill that promised you better health and vitality? But would you take this pill if it rendered you STERILE? Or worse, you produce weak and sickly children? What if taking this pill meant that you would owe the pharmaceutical companies a royalty fee each year for your good health?

This is what MONSANTO is doing with their hybrid seeds. Farmers are taking the bait "for healthy and viable disease free crops" but they are at the mercy of Monsanto and their pesticides.

PS) Monsanto is also the creator of NutraSweet/Equal

What a shame when we invaded Iraq and imposed our Monsanto monstrosities. Think about it... We (the USA) via Consulate Paul Bremer, imposed an order (81) that future farming would require the Monsanto genetically modified seeds. This in return will FORCE the Iraqi farmers to PAY A PRIVATE SECTOR (US based Monsanto) a royalty fee for their crops and be at Monsanto's mercy for their future generation crops --- not to mention (once in the grasp of Monsanto) it would be against the LAW to cultivate their own seeds like they have been doing for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. (Research Monsanto in India and the farmer suicides - go to YouTube.)

I'll cut this short but keep in mind two key points.

1.) A study HAS been done on GM foods - But, the scientist was SILENCED upon his discovery that genetically modified (GM) foods caused liver damage in rats. (Research Arpad Pusztaid)

2.) The Bacillus insecticidal gene has been inserted into our seeds/food crops so that we can enjoy a pest free crop. Yes, insecticides have been INSERTED into the DNA of our food crops, not a "spray" where we can wash it off under the sink --- The thing is, Bacillus/pesticide is the same family of ANTHRAX. Have we opened up Pandora's box on our future health?

Here in Austin alone, I've seen the environmentalists shut down key areas in favor of PRESERVING the fast-becoming extinct beetle, or the Salamander, or whatever. Yet very few people are speaking out against Monsanto ---- literally THOUSANDS of our vegetables are going EXTINCT in favor of NEW and IMPROVED genetically modified hybrids that cannot be cultivated, because these private sectors playing God want to line their pockets with blood money.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He who controls the food, controls the world...


Anonymous said...

There's truth in what you said and we all need to stand up to big corp's but when it's all said and done I believe it was written in the 'book' at the beginning of time and there isn't much we can do about it but pray.

Helen Cates said...

Yes, this is paving the way for the future world ruler and one world government.

But as a consumer I DO have the ability (to a point) of being careful of WHAT I eat. I may be forced to start cooking more from scratch. Growing our own food is safer and healthier. Never has seed saving been more important and critical for the preservation of our future crops.

Anonymous said...

yes, at this point in time we do have choices but there's a day coming when it will take God's help for us to even do that. Hopefully we all will be removed from the earth before it gets that bad. I was only thinking about how close we really are getting to that one world government and few people even realize it.