Monday, June 2, 2008

Veggie land...

Oh my goodness, I have two pots of bell peppers and they are getting HUGE! They are already "store" size, but are still growing. I'm amazed these plants can hold their heads up.
We need rain! We've been having to water the plants every day consistently. But so far, everything is thriving. As you can see the tomatoes are ripening.

Those are cherry tomatoes in the back. Pamela and I have been eating from the vine since May, so we are definitely getting an early start. I'll probably start some fresh tomato plants (from seedlings) this week.

Tomorrow, I'm dragging out the push mower and going to do some yard work then swim before I run my store errands. Today we had a heat index of 101. So far so good in keeping our AC off during the day. We swim twice a day and run our fans. When evening hits (about dinner time) we turn on the AC. This has been saving us on our bill - especially since we run the pool filter about 6-8 hours a day.

The hot peppers are still growing...

I'm anxious to head to the farm and check out the watermelons. This past weekend I purchased some cantaloups on sale for $1.50 apiece. They tasted funny, so I had to toss them out. In fact, one slice stung my mouth (can anyone figure out why?) No discoloration or anything.

I'm thinking of digging a watermelon patch on the side of my house... but I'm thinking of all the hard work involved. It's a jungle on that side of the house!

How's everyone else's garden going? Any suggestions for other vegetables (that likes pots?)

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Anonymous said...

Your veggies look delicious.. I have a one inch zucchini now and more setting on..
Any number of things can effect the taste of veggies.. too much sun, not enough water, poor soil etc. so its hard to tell why the mellons were bad. I've seen times that tomatoes tasted like paper and cucumbers were bitter..
If you have a fairly large pot try planting 3 stalks of corn in it and a couple canalope seed.. they compliment each other.. not only pretty but would give you a couple ears to eat and hopefully a couple mellons. Keep it on your deck or up high on a post and let the vines trail down.. but protect it from the wind.
I'm going to plant some pinto beans and sit the container on the upper deck and let them vine down.