Friday, June 6, 2008

Much needed drink!

Today, we finally got some rain! We had a very small chance for rain, so when the downpour hit, we were pleasantly surprised. The last thing we need is another drought.

So far, we are hitting 20 straight days in a row with 90 degrees or higher. Although I'm looking forward to the summer (er, it feels like it's already here) I don't exactly enjoy extreme heat. But, this is Texas for ya!

Here's an interesting website that I found. It lists emergencies that are happening worldwide on a daily basis - earthquakes, floods, epidemics, volcanoes, auto accidents, power failures - you name it. If you click on the icon on the world map, it will tell you what emergency is happening for the area you clicked. Also, some offer details - how many people in accident, how many homes without power, etc.

Pretty nifty website.


Posh And Trendy said...

Glad you guys got some rain. We're going to get more storms this afternoon. The humidity is so bad here you can hardly catch your breath when you walk outside.

Anonymous said...

HI, Helen.
I cannot thank you enough for posting this website!!! I used to look at this a few yrs ago and then lost it; and unable to find it again. It's once again saved to my faves. Thanks.
Hope all is well with you and yours!