Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day at Crowe's Nest Farm

Today, Pamela's 4-H group took a field trip to Crowe's Nest Farm in Manor, Texas.

4-H group.

Crowe's Nest Farm is a privately owned, non-profit organization that is licensed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Association. There was plenty of farm animals to see and pet --- exotic birds, creepy reptiles, and lots of interesting wildlife that the farm had adopted. Before long, we didn't feel we were visiting a "farm"...but rather a ZOO. But that was okay, as there was plenty to see and do. I especially enjoyed the many themed gardens, the duck pond, and the gorgeous Peacocks strutting around.

Walking into the Faeriewoods was especially interesting. I had noticed a dry creek bed and couldn't help but wonder how magical it would be to visit those woods again after a nice downpour. Windchimes were everywhere and they sounded so pretty.

Hay Ride!

Texas Longhorn!

(Click to enlarge)

After viewing an introduction film in the barn, we went on a guided hayride tour, and then walked the farm on our own. It was a very relaxing day, the kids enjoyed themselves, and afterwards we had a picnic! All in all, a very nice day!

What an amazing creature! I couldn't help but think of my mother after seeing all these peacocks. She's an artist and I've noticed that many of her sketches depicts these birds.

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Posh said...

Just call me bird brain ;)
I enjoyed your pictures... what a lovely day you guys had.