Friday, February 8, 2008

Fourth Annual - Daddy Daughter Dance!

Each year, my husband and daughter looks forward to the annual Daddy Daughter Dance!

This year will be their 4th event! A sparkling fun-filled evening of laughter, confetti, dancing, cake, cookies, punch, balloons, photographers, and contests!

Half the fun is preparing for the event -- purchasing a pair of shiny new shoes, trying on lots of pretty new dresses, splashing on a dash of perfume, and feeling like a princess!


This was the first year that my husband and daughter entered the dance contest. THIS YEAR, they were selected out of 200 contestants and won THIRD PLACE!! WOW!

A recital before the dance!


Anonymous said...

Who is the ugly guy with this beautiful girl?

Helen said...

Hey Nathan,

Your dad says to take off that nose ring and to kiss his gluteus maximus! =)

Posh said...

Well, I think their both nice looking.. of course PJ is much cuter then her dad is ;-)