Tuesday, August 13, 2019


A drive to South Padre Island, Texas is WELL WORTH the long and stretchful drive to the gorgeous gulf coast. Soft and nearly white sandy beaches, and sand dunes galore! 

 While visiting the sand dunes, you might feel like you're in another country. Well, just a few miles walking/swimming distance from Mexico, that is...  

If you don't like crowds, I highly recommend traveling to South Padre Island during the OFF SEASON. This means, not during spring break, and avoiding the hot summer months, while most visitors are on vacation. Prices are up, and trying to locate a hotel, or place to park can be challenging, if not frustrating. If you don't have a hotel near the beach, you might be paying for a spot. 

We planned our trip JUST before the crowds, arriving right after spring break (end of April) and managed to locate a quaint hotel (with outdoor cafe) ON the beach - which was perfect! 

Okay, I'm letting out of the bag where we stayed....  The Palms Resort. Ssssssshhhh....  Don't tell anyone else, as we'd like to be able to secure a room the next time we book on South Padre! ;-) 

Waking up to enjoy the STUNNING sunrise was well worth it! The beach was nearly vacant except for the occasional jogger, or water gazer like me...  I honestly fell in love with Texas all over again!

Check out this (CRAZY) dude with a fishing pole. Crazy, as if this were me, I'd be hooking myself!

Kites flying over South Padre 

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