Monday, March 16, 2015


 These Bacon Wrapped Bites are so easy to make and really pack a punch in flavor!

So far we've wrapped and grilled --- tuna chunks, chicken, salmon, steak ---- and I'm already dreaming up ground beef meatballs... and even rolled sausages. The sky is the limit on what to make, not to mention, it is so easy.

Some have asked if we need to precook the bacon to ensure it cooks. My answer is, NO NEED for PRECOOKING anything. Also, the only supplies you need to wrap is bacon (I prefer the thick slab) toothpicks, and the meat/veggie of choice to wrap.

Here, we are wrapping wild salmon that I'll be cutting into strips, and adding a slice of Serrano hot peppers.

Just lie the bacon flat and start rolling the ingredients from the end just like a burrito or eggroll.

If you prefer, you can also add a slice of cheese here or whatever else strikes your fancy.

When rolling, try to make it as snug as possible without stretching the bacon too much, and twist the bacon to wrap over the exposed sides too, creating a complete bacon ball. Slide tooth pick all the way through to secure it.

If you haven't noticed, I didn't season the meat. We've learned that the bacon adds plenty of salted flavor.

Place Poppers over hot grill and cover with vent closed to get things smoking.

Finish cooking with lid off --- Turn over poppers to brown both sides. Since we're cooking fish here, the meat cooked plenty fast, so we mainly continued grilling to crisp the bacon.

These meat poppers may look small, but just a few can fill a person up.

Pull the toothpicks out and serve with your favorite side dishes.

I still marvel at how the bacon bonds to the meat perfectly.
Pictured here are boneless chicken breasts wrapped and BAKED. Flip over after an hour in oven to crisp the other side. These are incredibly delicious and easy to make!

Did I mention these make great leftover snacks when cold? Or for breakfast? :)

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