Friday, May 2, 2014

Recycled Gift Wrap

 Anyone else a Prime Member on Amazon?

I had originally signed up on the free 30 day promotion, and ended up keeping the 1 year subscription after being billed. Considering you can buy virtually anything on Amazon and get "free" unlimited 2 day shipping, I have been buying everything from books, appliances, and garden seeds, to groceries and 50 lb bags of dog food! All with freeeee shipping! I have already earned all my money back. Oh not to mention, Prime member free ebooks, and movies to watch.

Okay, I need to stay on topic. I didn't post this to sell you to Amazon Prime membership. I actually wanted to point out that I have been getting a LOT of paper in my Amazon shipments. I've noticed in my shipments they use wads and wads of brown paper to protect the packaging (instead of bubble wrap) and I've started to smooth out the paper and roll it onto some old boards I've had leftover from my bolts of fabric.
 Some of the paper I've smoothed out has been up to 4 yards long uncut. That's 12 feet long of quality brown paper.
One of my projects is turning the packing paper into wrapping paper. With crayola, I can make birthday paper, Christmas paper, or any other type of occasion. Any other ideas on what to do with the paper? Again, this is all freeeee stuff from my Amazon Prime membership.

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