Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eggstremely Eggstatic!

Yay!! My hens are now laying!

This is our first egg! See how small it is? It fits snugly into a teaspoon. As the hens mature, so will their eggs. This egg is a wonderful white. Since we have several varieties of hens, we expect white, brown, and even blue eggs.

It is very motivating to see all our hard work pay off!


Anonymous said...

So cute you almost hate to eat it.. will you have to divide it 3 ways? :)

Texas Mom said...

We're anxious to check for eggs tomorrow. We have an egg carton set aside and plan to see how much we can collect. Pamela heard the hen clucking, but we don't know for sure which one yet is laying. We just checked on them, added fresh grass to their bedding, their nesting box (a temporary shoe box) and refilled their food and water. Expecting that snow tomorrow, so figured they'll be "cooped" up all day.

Patty said...

How exciting!!!!!