Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hen House

The chickens are 1.5 months old now and growing fast. Got most of their feathers.
I've finished the coop. Just need to build a door that leads to their loft.

Like my ladder? I used bamboo and glued it for rails on a piece of lumber.
The girls have been eating watermelon all day.
You'll have to excuse them. They didn't know their picture would be taken today. Didn't have time to clean up after that watermelon bath!
I think Jessy took a swim. If you look closely, you can tell she's been pigging out. Her gut is really sticking out!


Patty said...

The hen house turned out pretty good! Are you going to work on a bigger one for when the chicks become grown hens?

I love how chickens eat all the leftovers and you have no waist! My chickens love watermelon too.

Texas Mom said...

I'll build a bigger coop one of these days. It's taken me forever to finish this one.

Right now, I'm training Sheba to chase stray cats. Found one sitting on the coop this morning. Can't have that!

Daisy said...

They are adorable, yet funny looking at the same time! They make me smile. Good job on the coop!