Saturday, August 16, 2008

ROAD TRIP - Palmetto State Park

We left this morning for Palemetto State park and stopped along the way. We actually missed our turn while in Luling Texas, and happened upon the 1800 Zedler Mill and Gin.

The San Marcos river runs through and as always -- BREATHTAKINGLY blue. Due to underground springs, the water's always crystal clear.

Our map said that Palmetto state park is located in Gonzales Texas, but we passed through Ottine. Upon investigation, we discovered that Ottine is a small ghost town. Ottine is known for the infamous swamp monster that's been roaming/reported in the area for more than 300 years. I wanted to ask the park ranger about that, but we had a crowd in her office and her phone kept ringing. There was a sign in the office about this creature. I don't know if I believe in such a thing, but I WILL say that my family being stalked by SOMETHING at Guadalupe State Park, takes away SOME of my skepticism. (Click my Texas Park's link and scroll down to bottom for story.)

Palmetto is a swampy tropical oasis, brimming with wildlife. We spotted wild turkey, and lots of animal tracks. We forgot to look, but the area has mud boils.

Pamela caught her cat.

Since we were near the town Gonzales, we decided to visit THEIR pioneer farms.

We got to grind some cornmeal.

Wooden pitchfork.

We thought it would be a shame to pass through the BBQ Capital of Texas (Lockhart) without eating barbecue, so we decided to eat at the historic -- Blacks Barbecue.

Wow! I must say, their briskett was juicy and melted like butter. Some of the best I ever had!

Kent, (the 3rd generation) owner of the Blacks barbecue stopped by to warmly say hello. I asked him if it was true that the OTHER BBQ joints in town were relatives and he said, NO. (The Internet said that Black's descendants had opened up their own barbecue businesses.)
While in Lockhart, we decided to check out the state park there as well.
Nice park, but small. It has camping, fishing, swimming pool and golf course. While walking the creek trail I got excited when I spotted an egg in the bushes. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a golf ball! Figures!
Well, I'm tired. It's been a busy busy week. I've had enough of mosquitoes, 100+ temps, stinging horseflies, and sweat. I can't believe it, but I'm actually looking forward to WINTER. We're already looking at our roadmaps and trying to decide where we'll camp next --- hopefully in October. September, we have a wedding, and a whirlwind of activities. Till then!


Patty said...

During the first part of summer we had high temps. but here lately it has been more comfortable. Last night we got 3-inches of rain and today the weather was perfect; in the low 80's.
No blood suckers for us, they all died early in the summer and we have been without them ever since.
I just love all the wonderful places you keep going to!

Anonymous said...

Nice trip! Great Photo's


The Hartsfields said...

looks like a place to add to our camping calendar look great the water seems blue do you guy cam a lot tent or RV we are heading to Village Creek any campers out there