Sunday, August 10, 2014

CHEESE BOWL - Gluten Free, Low Carb, and EASY CHEESY!

I've low-carbed off and on for years, but never THOUGHT of making "bowls" out of cheese.

Saw this recipe online and just HAD to give it a try. OH. MY!

I took an iron skillet, added just a dab of peanut oil and piled on some grated cheese.
As the cheese bubbled, I took a butter knife and smoothed the edges of the cheese, to form a better circle.

 What happens, is that the cheese bonds together (reminds me of the candy stage) and starts to harden. As it bonds, I continue to scrape the edges and shape. As it pulls together, it does shrink a bit.

ALSO, occasionally, tip your skillet over and let the excess grease drain, careful to not let the cheese (that hadn't bonded yet) slide around.

 As it hardens, I will add a spatula and start working the edges slowly, to "unstick" and to make sure it's firm enough to flip over.

 As your mixture is bubbling, if you hadn't already, get your bowl and plate ready.

If you are wanting smaller bowls, add less cheese to the pan, and set aside a cup upside down on a plate.

 Once you flip your cheese over, it will resemble a pancake. Let the fresh side harden just a bit and then lift with spatula and carefully center over bottom of upside down bowl.

The cheese is HOT, so grab two paper towels for each hand and very gently start pressing down the cheese on bottom of bowl, carefully guiding the sides into the shape of a bowl.

 Place the upside down bowl into the refrigerator, and allow to COOL. While this is cooling,
start on the next bowl, and repeat the process for each additional  bowl.

In less than 30 minutes, you'll be amazed at how FIRM your edible cheese bowl is.

The fun part is adding the ingredients.

We tried TACO SALAD.

I cooked a pound of ground beef and spiced it with:

Cayenne Pepper

Drained ground beef and added a large helping to the bottom of bowl, topped with diced Spinach and kale, and topped with tomatoes.

Since the bowl is already cheesy, I didn't top with additional cheese.

This is really quite a gourmet dish, and the cheese bowl is very rich.

My mind is swimming with more ideas. If you have any additional ideas for this bowl, pop on over to my Facebook page to reply, or comment below!

CHEESE BOWL - Gluten Free, Low Carb, and EASY CHEESY!

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