Thursday, August 14, 2014


The second item created is a doll outfit for an 18" American Girl doll.

No pattern needed. I used the doll for measurement, to recreate an identical top like the first one.

For straps, I cut the seams, and didn't have to hem, as they were double stitched on both sides.  These straps are being set aside to be used for the adjustable top, and to be used for the belt of the pants, as I don't have an elastic to use.

Cutting buttons off from the front of the shirt.

Top is finished (sewed the same as yesterday's project), and buttons added. As you can see, I added the garment label "Made in India" as I have to use EVERYTHING from this shirt for this project.

Using a doll pattern, I cut out slacks from part of the front of shirt, and also from a sleeve.

Pants are sewn, hemmed and a small opening in the waistline is left to insert a strap. From the inside, the drawstring is tied to replace the elastic. 
Hair bow is created by two small squares sewn, with a small opening to turn right side. A strip of string was leftover when I had cut from the collar and I was able to tie the bow from the middle and use the string to tie a ribbon around the hair.

Used up all the large buttons from shirt, with a few mini buttons leftover.

Don't forget, this project is 100% hand sewn and my goal is to use every single piece of scrap till the shirt has completely disappeared.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting DAY 3, and after I reveal what the project is, I'll be showing you how much fabric is leftover for the final  projects. As you can imagine, the projects will be getting smaller and smaller :)

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