Monday, December 8, 2008

Better than Sweet - Stevia

You've heard me talk about artificial sweetners. I've blogged about my experience meeting the inventor of Splenda and the research team here in Austin.

Well, my husband reminded me something I had long forgotten. Years ago, we used to work for a PLASTIC'S company in Lubbock, Texas. We operated injection molding machines and mass produced plastic components for cars, radar devices, holiday ornaments, and... get this (what I had forgotten) SUGAR SUBSTITUTES! Yes, the stuff you add to your drinks and desserts. We were a plastic's firm packaging sugar. We didn't create the stuff, but I found it odd that we handled it. After all, Frito Lay was just down the street.

I had forgotten this.

But I had never forgotten the fear of breathing too much FORMALDEHYDE while at work. What you use to embalm the dead.

Here's another point: MONSANTO is the producer and owner of Sweet n Low, a synthetic sugar substitute. I've blogged about Monsanto as well.

Monsanto has HUGE lobbying power, so it is NO WONDER that the FDA will approve (harmful) sugar substitutes, yet here in the United States, a NATURAL HERB, called Stevia, which has been grown for hundreds of years in Central America (known as sweet leaf) is sweeter than sugar and even good for you.

Here's some of the health benefits known for hundreds of years:

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Infections

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Heart support

  • Urinary problems

  • Heartburn

  • Candida

  • Wounds

  • Obesity

  • Etc.

The benefits of this natural SWEET HERB is tremendous.

Unfortunately, LOBBYISTS and powerful companies own and run our FDA, so even though Stevia IS sold in our stores --- it is ILLEGAL to advertise it as a SUGAR SUBSTITUTE!!

You CAN find it in your local stores (at least here in Texas) listed as a NUTRITIONAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT.

Stevia thrives in WARM and humid climates and can grow here in Texas. It is currently thriving in countries like Israel, China and South America.

From what I've read, it is hard to germinate, so several seeds need to be planted. I ordered thousands of seeds from Urugruay.

I had the opportunity to try some Stevia this weekend, in ground leaf form, and was very amazed at how good and sweet it tasted!

THANK YOU to some wonderful friends who had invited us over for the weekend (Paula and John) who shared their herbal goodies. The reason I had been passing UP Stevia, was due to the marketing, or lack of --- NOW that I've researched, I realize that Stevia IS a better sugar substitute.


Anonymous said...

How interesting. I'd never heard of that plant. Can you cook with it? I mean like cakes etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I forgot to tell you that the onions arrived yesterday and their already tucked in bed in their new home which is inside my home ;)
Thank you so very very much.. I can't wait for them to pop their heads up.

Texas Mom said...

Yes, you can cook with it. Of course, you'd need to adjust your measurements as it takes LESS Stevia, than it does table sugar. It holds its own on heating.

Also, if you are cooking a recipe that NEEDS the bulk/texture of table sugar, you need to find a substitute to create the bulk, and add the Stevia for sweetener.

I'm new at this too and will have to experiment. I'm drinking some right now in my morning tea ;-)

Texas Mom said...

We planted our onions yesterday too! ;-) (And the radishes, so THANK YOU!!))

Tiffiney said...

This was very interesting I had to found that this can also be used as a wrinkle reducer and is good for skin and hair care...I am going to order this soap (Cream of Coco Hair & Body Shampoo) and add stevia to it and see what happens...thanks for the info.


cattitude said...

Does it tast good?

cattitude said...
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