Thursday, July 17, 2014

Augason Farms Dehydrated Vegetable Stew Blend - REVIEW

I didn't want to wait 20 years to find out if this Augason Farms dehydrated vegetable blend was any good, so here goes...
Keep in mind that this recipe is using all items that you would keep stored away for emergencies - without needing electricity or refrigeration.
This blend consists of:
According to instructions, I added TWO CUPS of dry ingredients to a large pot of cold water and set to boil.

About 15 minutes later...

If you don't have your own home canned tomatoes, I recommend this commercial variety. You can find this on, or at Walmart (the last 2 places I checked.)

I prefer this brand, as it only contains ONE ingredient: FRESH RED RIPE TOMATOES.

Of course, if you have tomatoes already ripening in your garden, this would be more perfect!

Also, remember to STOCK UP on items you use frequently, as prices are rising and you're never guaranteed these will be available when you return to the store.
Next, add BEEF!
Since I'm focusing on recipes that don't require refrigeration (for a SHTF scenario), I am using my home canned ground beef.
Boil soup till vegetables are tender.
Season to taste! I used salt, pepper, red cayenne pepper, and garlic
Alright, let's RATE this soup based on the Augason Farm DEHYDRATED Vegetable Blend.
Spouse and I had this soup for dinner.
The vegetables came diced into tiny pieces, which would be very easy for a small child to eat.
As for texture, the cooked vegetables maintained their shape, with no sogginess. I had also sampled an uncooked piece and was very pleased with the strong flavor.
What also surprised me about this soup is the density. Just two cups of dehydrated vegetables, and the soup became thick!
This 2 pound can of dry vegetables could stretch into a lot of meals
With 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest in taste,
we rated this Augason Farm Vegetable Blend an
We are very pleased with this product and highly recommend this for long term food storage.
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