Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This is DAY 4 on the Project Recycle Challenge.  A Barbie outfit.

Using the back of the shirt, I used a homemade pattern of mine to cut out the bodice. The fabric just under the neckline is already doubled with interface. I only needed to cut the bodice once for the two needed pieces. The skirt portion will be from the creased fabric just under the label. This will be turned sideways for the width of gown.

I sewed bodice and skirt together, and hemmed.

I love the contrast blue fabric on the inside of the button holes. This added some color to the gown and is perfect for a decorative bow.

The bow is fully lined to give it a puff, and to add quality.

 Only two buttons left remaining on this project. I used one to decorate the bow...

The final button to fasten the back of the gown.
Remember, this is 100% hand sewn using only THREAD . The goal is to use 100% of the shirt till it is completely recycled with no remaining fabric.
Some scrap fabric still left over!

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