Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smells like sunshine...

My mother and I were discussing over the phone a few weeks ago, about getting back to the basics...

She asked if I had thought of using a clothesline.

I actually had a clothesline up once, to hang beach towels, but I'd taken it down to make room for the hammock.

But I got to thinking...

WHY not give it a try. Her discussion and blog post was convincing. After all, not only would I save money on electric, but it would reduce the wear and tear on my clothes and cut back on the time I spent waiting on my dryer.

I tied two lines and started hanging my clothes to dry. This has been two weeks ago and I am completely caught up with laundry. The first time in MONTHS.

Less than a year ago, I'd purchased a fancy brand new HIGH EFFICIENCY washer and dryer.

In less than 6 months, I had a repairman fix the dryer.

Although my washer and dryer are doing well, I regard their fancy computerized dials with suspicion.

I like my new "dryer" the best... My clothes smell like sunshine.

So, thanks Mom. Simple IS better.


Patty said...

Don’t forget, clothing dried on a line does not need fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome daughter dearest..
I too can keep my laundry basket empty by hanging them to dry. When you have to wait an hour for the dryer to finish it takes you all day to do laundry. AND we're saving a LOT of money on not only energy but as Patty said, those fabric softeners that aren't needed.

Tiffiney said...

I love hanging my clothes out..during the warmer the modeling pics in one of your last post :)