Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Grow

I've been playing with my plant in the window.

If you look closely at the first pot on your left, the leaves of this Basil is leaning towards the sun. The pot in the middle is the same plant --- I just turned the pot to the right. Within a few hours, the same plant (pictured to the far right) started leaning towards the sun again. This process is called, Phototropism. Although it leans toward the sun, most of the activity (cell growth) is happening on the SHADED side.

AUXINS are plant hormones. The name comes from the Greek word Auxano, which means, "I GROW"... Too much of Auxin stimulates the production of ETHYLENE. Ethylene is needed for fruit production. Synthetic Auxins are what is used to create herbicides and is also the active ingredient in Agent Orange.

Whenever you hear me mention, Monsanto, ethylene and auxins are some of the things being genetically tampered with to create herbicides and food production. I'm still learning about Monsanto, but from what I've gathered, I have a better understanding of how our fruits and vegetables are being (genetically tampered) to rush food production.

17 days ago, I planted my organic herbs. Only two have sprouted -- The Sweet Basil, and the Mint.
I went ahead and replanted the Lemon Basil.
The Catnip, I'm going to give another few days as the pkg said it would take up to 20 days of germination. After rereading the package, it said the plant will take 2 years to mature!


Anonymous said...

My onions and lettuce sit in front of the patio doors and always lean towards the doors/sun so I keep turning the pots to make them change directions. Wind strengthens plants and since they don't get any wind indoors I figure that by forcing them to change directions I'm forcing them to exercise themselves :)

Anonymous said...

the 2 yr maturation may simply refer to the fact that they may be bi-ennials. It'll take 2 yrs for them to go to seed and not necessarily that long til you can harvest the leaves.

I'll have to check that out, but it's the 1rst thing to come to mind.

Texas Mom said...

Yes, Valerie I think you're right. Since I'm wanting to cultivate seeds, I do have to wait 2 years.

There are some decorating flowering plants (bi-ennials)that I avoid planting because I don't have the patience to wait ;-)