Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back in the CAVEMAN days...

Can you find me in this picture? I'm leaning my elbow on my best friend, Janice. The blonde to my left, Monica, is my other best friend who had joined the Navy with me on the buddy program. (Click photo to enlarge)

My daughter always teases me that I'm "old" and that I was born in the era of the covered wagons. But technically speaking, I can tell her that I came from the era of the CAVEMAN. The photo above is my highschool senior class. We had our group picture taken in a cave. For the life of me, I can't remember which cave - I spent so much of my teen years exploring the country side, I get all the caves mixed up. After all, there are over 220 caves in our county alone!

I'm guessing this cave to be the one in Richland, Missouri above the Gasconade River. This cave has now been turned into a restaurant.

I am so ready to make another trip to Missouri! If my sister is reading this, let's split the gas and plan that trip!

Class of 81

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Posh said...

I remember the picture and no problem finding you along with several others that I reconized.
I have some old pic's of my one room school house and church that I'm planning on bloging about.
Talk about being old.. try telling someone you attended a one room school and they will definately think your old :)