Thursday, May 1, 2008

DNA & Ancient Hebrews

I'm currently reading the book, DNA & Tradition - The Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews.

While researching my father/brother's DNA results, I kept stumbling over this book, along with its high reviews.

This book was written about my paternal DNA - J1 CMH (Cohen Modal Haplotype.)

Although a CMH is linked as a descendant of Aaron, the book points out the obvious factor that a CMH is also a descendant of Abraham.

Scientists are now realizing that the CMH is a DNA signature of the ancient Hebrews. The Cohen Modal Haplotype is the yardstick for identifying all the tribes of Israel.

Here's a good article about the discovery of the Cohen Gene:

And more information on the tribe of Cohen-Levi

If you are interested in testing your own genetics, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND National Geographic. Their test kits run about $99

If you want to try testing your DNA for FREE, you can visit here, but I've heard that they are SLOW and it's your responsibility to check their website for results.

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