Monday, October 13, 2014


I can't believe how easy it is to make healthy, and delicious HOMEMADE SPICES!

The only supplies I used was a Nesco Dehydrator, and a Magic Bullet blender. If you don't have a Bullet, you can always use a hand grinder or any other type of food processor that would help with grinding. Or if you must, just crumble by hand.

Last night, I took two large bags of frozen Bell Peppers mixed with onions and dried them overnight in the dehydrator.

The next morning -  I couldn't believe how delicious the dried peppers were - so packed with flavor!

Adding half a cup of dried peppers to the bullet, I also added two pinches of cayenne pepper and blended. Took less than 5 seconds. (I added salt and pepper to the food separately, but it could be added here too.)

Grind to the consistency that you like. I like to see a little bit of shape and color in mine.

                                                                       THAT'S IT!

I am really excited at how dehydrating has given me so many new options on enhancing my food storage. EVEN BETTER, I'm thrilled that I have found an alternative to spicing up food without adding unnatural preservatives. No more MSG and other harmful ingredients.

I'll be blogging a lot on how dehydrating has become one of my favorite ways to preserve food, not to mention how dehydrating is cost effective and a time saver!

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