Thursday, October 30, 2014

HOMEMADE POTPOURRI - Using Dehydrated Citrus Peels

IF you're searching for a way to FRESHEN UP your house with something natural, healthy, and economical... Have you thought of homemade potpourri?
With all of my dehydrating, and not wanting to be wasteful, I've been collecting/drying all of the peelings. My post here on---> Dehydrating Lemons

I also save the peelings when eating an orange. They can be added to the bottom of your dehydrator when drying other foods...

As you dry and collect peelings, add the mixture to a jar.

To add more scent, I use these cinnamon sticks. This particular brand I had picked up at a local Indian store.

An old pot I had picked up from the thrift store is now my potpourri warmer.
All I do is add a handful of dried citrus peels, a cinnamon stick or two, turn the stove on low and WOW!
Your whole house will be scented with these natural ingredients.
Also, if you're concerned about leaving the stove on with the potpourri simmering, you can also try this with an electric candle warmer.

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