Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Sew Cheap!

INFLATION has finally reached its greedy little claws into my favorite bargain corner... The fabric dollar table. Gone are the days when I could buy quality fabric - bolts at a time - for a mere dollar a yard.
I spoke with the department manager and she explained that ALL the fabrics have gone up in price, in all the stores. If they haven't marked up yet, they will.

No more dollar table -- it's now $1.50 - $2 a yard.

With the stash of fabric that I have, I think I can stay competitively in the market without raising my prices for now. All I can say is that if you are in the sewing business, buy NOW; because the prices are going up!

This has really motivated me to organize my closet and to keep my inventory. It's more valuable to me now.

Let me know if your store has gone up/or staying the same. This is at all Wal-mart's in the fabric department.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the dinky little dollar corner ours has but let me tell you, if they have raised any of that JUNK to over a dollar, a person would be nuts to buy it because I wouldn't pay 50 cents for it.
BUT over a year ago they started sorting through all the dollar fabric and anything that looked half way decent they marked it up to $1.50 and $2
I knew that for a fact because I could find the same fabric in another store that was still $1 and when I asked the manager why she was pricing it up she smartly answered "because I can"
It too makes me appreciate all the fabric I have and that's why I'm going to hang on to every piece of it and will continue to use the scraps to make me patchwork items to wear around the house.

Texas Mom said...

We've had a good thing going on over here. Quality fabric. We have a fabulous department manager too. I can't complain too much about $1.50 a yard, but when you purchase an entire bolt (which I used to do) I'll now be paying $30 for a bolt, rather than $20 like I used to.

Patty said...

Yes, I have noticed somewhat the prices on the dollar table going up; however, I haven’t been buying as much from Wal-Mart because the clearance shelves at Jo Ann’s Fabrics was offering better quality fabrics. Plus, I am trying to stay away from fabric so I haven’t been paying attention like I used to

Texas Mom said...

I had forgotten about the JoANN bargain tables, but believe it or not, I've found better deals/quality on my wal-mart table. I guess we have a great department manager, because we have some really good selections.

I get those 40% coupons for JoANN's periodically, but truthfully, I just do better getting fabric at my Wal-marts.

Daisy said...

Our Walmart got rid of there fabric department! :o( They now only sell prepackaged fat quarters for 1.97 or something like that! I have to spend my $$ at the fabric store instead.