Thursday, November 20, 2008

Museum day...

Today, we visited a little museum in downtown Georgetown.
This TIME CAPSULE was found during the renovation of the dowtown courthouse. Back in the 50's, someone had stuffed this jar with old postcards and some other gadgets. If you look closely at the postcard on your right, you can see the cowboy gutting a rabbit.

Over the years, the museum used to be a saloon, a barber shop, bank, and dentist office... During the renovations, they discovered under the wooden floors artifacts under the building. I have never been in a museum before that left a window on the floor showing what was underneath. You can see old time bottles and everything else poking from the dirt. How neat!

The kids enjoyed a hands-on opportunity to create native indian toys.

Pamela designed a native indian rattler.

For whom our county was named after --- Robert Williamson (Three-Legged Willie) A former Texas Statesman and judge. At the age of 15, due to an illness, he had lost one of his legs.

A chocolate factory next door to the museum. Everything handmade on site. How could I pass up taking a peek? I got to sample a chocolate covered rice crispy treat.

Williamson Couty courthouse (where time capsule was found) across the street.



Tiffiney said...

What a fun day!! Great the window on the floor..I have never seen anything like that either! :)

Anonymous said...

Window on floor was neat.. I'd have loved to been there with you guys.
So was the chocolate crispy good?

and you're welcome for the seeds.. did they arrive without being crushed?

Texas Mom said...

Choc crispy was good. I wanted to try one to see if I would like to make some for myself. Good quality chocolate.

The seeds arrived in great shape and you gave me so many. THANKS!!!!

Sunny said...

I love the chocolate chickens!!

Patty said...

I love visiting small museums! And having a chocolate store next door was just too "SWEET"!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I love the charm of small towns. That rabbit being gutted looked like a cow, it was so big.

Awesome idea about using the leftover dip with chicken. Never thought of it, but then again there's never any left.