Monday, March 26, 2012

Gardening and updates

 Recently I've signed up with YOURGARDENSHOW.COM and entered the heirloom seed contest. This year, (drought or not) I'm getting serious with my gardening, as well as taking a special interest in growing my own medicinal herbs, teas, seed saving, and collecting/growing heirloom varieties.

Although I've entered the contest in a non competitive frame of mind, I do feel that it's a win/win situation for me. The website allows me to meet fellow gardeners, share ideas, as well as being inspired.

You can find me on the website as, My Backyard Paradise, or check back here.

As for other updates, my daughter and I were recently talking about how 2 years ago today, we were backpacking the Middle East. My how time flies!

This week, my daughter is embarking on another homeschool journey, and is headed for Germany. This round, I'm staying home and letting father and daughter bond. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to spring clean while they're traveling, paint some rooms, take care of our pets, and work on my garden. (I'm still planning a return trip to the Middle East!)

The other news is that I am currently editing my book - Pyramids and the Promised Land, and hope to have it available on soon.  I'll be keeping the travel report on this blog, but the book goes into more details, and is the reason why it's been taking me "forever" to edit and rewrite.  I'm anxious to get it finished so I can focus on my next book.

More news later!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have more rain this year for your garden.. keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

My son have about 30 silk worms for science projects need to eat “mulberry leaves” but we can’t find anywhere in Round Rock for those leaves. Are you possible support my son’s science projects to let us have some of mulberry leaves??? They are very hungry right now :( Please contact us at THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Helen Ruth said...

Sure, I'm sure we have some leaves to spare! Would be interested in his project. I was hoping to find some silkworms this year so I could study them :)

I will email you later tonight :)