Wednesday, March 28, 2012


FOUR of our hens are now laying. As expected, when the hens first lay, their eggs are usually smaller than usual until they gradually increase in size (see eggs to far left.) The white egg shown for comparision is a large store bought egg. Imagine our surprise when our 4th hen, Golda, layed this whopper to the far right! This is her first egg! I have never held a chicken egg this large or as heavy, except for the duck eggs.

We are now wondering if it is either a double yolk, or maybe we can expect this size of egg each morning. Another hen of ours lays in the afternoon, so I'll be comparing after we collect. Since the chickens are different breeds, we're finding it much easier in identifying the owner of each egg.


Anonymous said...

Some hens lay larger eggs but I wouldn't be surprised if it's double yoked.

Patty said...

I love it when we get double yolk eggs, it's such a nice treat. But, it has been awhile since we had a hen to lay one.