Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feels like SPRING

36 days till spring... Trees are sprouting leaves.

I dug out more seeds today and planted Cleome, and Zinnias.
The organic red potatoes I had picked up at Whole Foods. I planted those in the huge pot that I had grown tomatoes in last year. I'll be hunting for a new planter for the Brandywine tomatoes that I had earlier planted. So far, EVERYTHING I've planted has sprouted and doing very well -- except for the Catnip. I went ahead and replanted the Catnip today. They were first planted on January 11th.
Radishes are almost ready to be picked.
What a surprise I found in the Marigold planter! Overnight, these two bean sprouts appeared. I didn't even plant these and I'm still scratching my head on how they found their way into the pot. I'll go ahead and let them make their home there and transplant the Marigold's. The Marigold's were meant to be transplanted anyway, for companion plants.
Black Zucchini
I added some Zinnia's to the window sill. I'm using as much space as I can for seedlings to get an early start for after the last frost. The way things in Texas goes... One can be easily fooled into thinking "winter" is over. We never really can tell when one season ends and the next begins.
What a surprise I found in my mailbox today. They're just what I needed and they match my decor. THANKS GRANDMA! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! You got that pkg fast.. I didn't think it would make it till Monday.
Nothing sprouting around here yet but it has been warm for over a week now but like you said, it can turn cold again and probably will.

Civilla said...

Thanks for coming to my blog, Texas Mom!!! BTW, I am sort of a born-again Texan myself, having gone to and graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1977. We were also stationed at Ft. Hood (Copperas Cove is where we lived while stationed there) and Shepherd AFB in Wichita Falls, and started a church in Tyler.

Daisy said...

You are going to have an awesome garden! I love what you're Grandma made ... especially that little house. Don't you just love getting things in the mail like that!!

Daisy said...

You are going to have an awesome garden! I love what you're Grandma made ... especially that little house. Don't you just love getting things in the mail like that!!

The WoodLand School said...

I'm so excited to watch your garden progress! Thanks for the inspiration : )

I have a question ... I have never planted potatoes in a pot ... do you have any advice for me?

Thanks (from another homeschooling mama in Austin).

Civilla said...

Oh, your doll fashions are fantastic! I love the leopard one. I have some Vogue fashion doll patterns that are scaled down real patterns from the 40's and 50's for Barbie type dolls. Haven't tried to make them yet.

I like to make rag rugs out of old denim and old clothing of any sort. That keeps me very busy. Neighbors drop off bags and bags of old clothes that are worn out or out of style for me to cut up.

My crowning sewing achievement was making my own Scottish kilt.

Somebody gave me a length of acrylic red/orange and white and navy plaid material from the 60's to cut up for a rag rug. I thought it was too nice to cut up, and thought and thought, and finally decided to make a kilt. I already owned two acrylic/wool kilts that I bought in Scotland years ago and studied them to see how to make one. I didn't have to take them apart, because a kilt doesn't really need a pattern.

Ironing in all those back pleats was a hassle, but the plaid material helped to line everything up ok. I now wear it to church.

Keep sewing, Helen. You are a real pro!

Manic Mom said...

Hi, I just found your blog- love it! Spring... I wish. I live in N. CA & it is still cold & rainy. Your Garden is off to a great start!!