Friday, December 5, 2008

December Garden

I confess, I've been neglecting my garden. We're still in the midst of a drought. Last week I dragged out my waterhose and all kinds of flowers started blooming. Flowers that I didn't expect to see again until next spring.

Vegetables are still growing... Tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, green beans, cucumbers... So far, Jack Frost hasn't swiped them yet.
Tomorrow's our chance for a real freeze - possibly 29 degrees. Midweek, we'll be back in the upper 70's. I'm hoping this will kill off those darn mosquitoes.

It's probably a pipe dream, but I'm hoping to do my winter planting this week. I know I'm late.

I ordered these Egyptian Walking (winter onions) online and plan to plant half and share the rest with my mother. These can grow year-round here in Texas. Maybe I'll mail some fresh onions to my sister who can't get enough of them! ;-)


Ann said...

Mailing onions? Reminds me of something that happened my first week at the Post Office. We had a box that was leaking and reaked. My boss put it in a plastic bag and called the customer and asked her to come get it. Her sister had mailed her a HUGE box of tomatoes and they had rotted in transit.. Cost her a FORTUNE to mail them and those trucks get HOT.

Texas Mom said...

Ann, yikes! What a mess. At least it wasn't rotten eggs!

Mom, Planning to mail your share of onions off tomorrow in bubble wrap. They look so healthy and ready to sprout!

Patty said...

Very funny!!!!!

I added onions to my soup but I guess you over looked it.

From your pictures it looks like spring instead of winter.

Texas Mom said...

Okay, I stand to be corrected. You said in your soup recipe(quote) "add a small onion blended in water..."

Okay, I give you credit for adding that onion, even though I don't understand the "blend in water part"... Do you just not like the texture?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Helena dearest... I'm looking forward to receiving my onions and also looking forward to eating them.. yum!!! I'm going to bring a container into the house, sit it in the sun beside the back patio doors and plant them in it. Should work just like a green house and I can be enjoying those onions by spring.

Your garden looks lovely.. Jack frost has already been trying to freeze mine but so far the lettuce and turnips are hanging in there.

Daisy said...

You're very fortunate to still have a garden. I've never had Egyptian walking onions before. We love Vadilia onions around here, but we can only get them a few months out of the year. :O(

Tiffiney said...

Looks temps in the 70's in nice!!! Need to get my hubby to get a job down that way! :)